Tools that you will need!

2. l2decrypt
3. Any hex editor, I mainly use Hex Workshop V.6

Here I will give an example to edit a glow in weapon. Yes, to revive any dead particles.

What would you need to do is to take lineageeffect.u from system folder

Copy it as lineageeffect2.u

decript lineageeffect2.u using l2decrypt, encription name does not matter

here is the trick on how to READ a file structure

open the ORIGINAL lineageeffect.u

you pick an EFFECT.. for example ab_bleeding

right click on it and press (Analize Raw Object) / Format > Auto format

The file on the right will be clusterized when you move your mouse this will respect to each values such as rotation, directiono, color, effect, hit per sec, respawn dead particle etc etc... ( you can try this yourself)

now what you need to do is to change the effect.

To edit a .u file you must :

1. decript the file (lineageeffect2.u) using a l2 decrypt ( the drag and drop type of decripter, very old one shared in
2. open it up in your HEX editor (lineageeffect2.u)
3. read the FILE STRUCTURE from the ORIGINAL lineageeffect.u

i give you an example

to change the size of the effect of ab_bleeding

You will read 40 01 24 9A 99 99 3E

This is translated as DrawScale(float)=0.30

0.30 in hexadecimal is 3E 99 99 9A so you will read it OPPOSITE in l2 file structure  <--- I use this cool hexadecimal converter

so for example if u want to change the size to 0.40 you will need to change the number to 3ECCCCCD ------> 40 01 CD CC CC 3E

WARNING: you must edit the decrypted .u files or it WILL NOT GIVE THE SAME FILE STRUCTURE AS IN UTPT


In UTPT  shows file address , the size i mean here located in 00138FE7. In HEX workshop you can quickly search this address by right clicking on the file address


you dont need to decrypt it back to original l2 file format ( as far as i know I use in Hellbound)
I mainly test it using lineage effect in weapons

Have fun , any questions will be answered in this topic.

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